About us

We have run the organic farm of the area of over 100ha since 2002. The farm  is situated in the direct neighbourhood of the Narwiański National Park. The farm is aimed at crop and animal production, our main products are cereal, potatoes and Limousine cattle.

Our farm is subject to a control of a certifying body every year. The certification guarantees that our products are organic and fulfill the requirements set by law regulations.

Main principles of organic farming which we apply are:

  • applying the right crop rotation,
  • applying the natural methods of crop protection, including the elimination of chemical crop protection,
  • fertilizing the soil with organic fertilizers produced within the farm which allows sustaining the soil fertility,
  • choosing the indigenous  kinds of crops,
  • emilinating the genetically modified kinds of arable crops,
  •  sustainabiliy of the rural landscape diversity through avoidance of monocultural crops.

In the organic production we aim at the rules of sustainable development and local natural balance, diminishing the burden of the natural environment.

Thanks to the application of natural means of production, we can offer you healthy products of high biological value.

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